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June 1, 2023 at 8:14 am #1120629

Have fun in Italy, @ktfran! I love random run-ins (with people I like) in unexpected corners of the world.

I see the Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag” around — mostly when I commute to/from the office — and IDK how that became a trend. And that tote can’t be cheap, either. IDK, just not my style, but I see it around enough.

I’m currently panic ordering a bunch of clothes for my trip in a few weeks. I don’t weigh myself, but some of my warmer weather clothes don’t fit me well right now. Things still zip and fit, but I don’t feel comfortable or confident. And, weirdly, others still fit fine or even in a more flattering way? So trying to clean up eating habits over here, though not expecting huge changes between now and my departure. But wanting some items I feel confident in for travel and events. I’ve been doing Nuuly and have three cocktail/formal events this month, so hoping one (or more) of the dresses I ordered fits well enough that I don’t have to buy anything new.