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June 1, 2023 at 9:35 am #1120633

I’ve never even heard of Clare V! But, I’m not super stylish.

IDK the style name of the bag, but when I was in HS and college, we wore those shoulder bags with the short strap. Those seem to be back in. My boyfriend’s 12-year-old (turning-13 tomorrow!) niece wears one. I HATED those. They never stayed on my shoulder, I hated not having my hands free. I’m a crossbody (or other hands-free style) girlie for life now regardless of what comes in and out of fashion.

This tank right here from A&F ( looks SO similar to the style of tanks we used to wear back then, too. Just need that, a denim mini skirt (also back in style, from what I’ve seen), and flip flops or Ugg boots, and I’d be ready to go drink the jungle juice!