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June 2, 2023 at 9:23 am #1120639

I have a pair of white On Clouds that I’m going to bring with me on my trip. I wear my Frye leather sneakers a lot and think they look nicer, but they’re not as supportive if I walk a lot. And I don’t want to wear those if it rains, which seems likely where I’m going. We’re hoping to do Japan in 2024 and they’d be my pick to click for that trip, too, since they slip on and off.

Maybe last year I was at a Nordstrom and stopped to look at a bag I thought was pretty. It turned out to be Yves St. Laurent and several thousand dollars. Which, no. I’ve noticed Quince has some quilted leather bags that aren’t a total dupe, but similar, for ~$100 and might finally let myself be influenced and give them a try.