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June 5, 2023 at 10:51 am #1120667

I think you should try to prioritize therapy because through all the other words, you are saying-

*There’s something wrong with me*

~And that is why I can’t make friends

You have to see a professional correct that core belief about yourself. You still sound insecure as you say you used to be, to me. You say you feel secure now but your post doesn’t read that way.

I wrote out this long post about how I have moved all over and have found peace in being solo sometimes, but I’m also very friendly and put effort in. I talk to people. I ask people for their number. It’s hard and doesn’t always work out, but I have friends. Life is also made up of the tiny peripheral people you interact with daily, so be friendly. Say hi. Ask about their family, etc.

But therapy.