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June 5, 2023 at 6:56 pm #1120675

Wear your mink! The animal has been dead for eons. It is actually more of a natural product than the faux fur manufacturing with chemicals etc., though now innovations and materials are always coming along. At least your fur will used,worn and not discarded. Much warmer too, and longer lasting if you properly care for it than fake stuff.
Also,buy and sell older bags in designer brands. They often accelerate in value. You may get more money when things are trendy, but I ( a vintage vendor since 2007 ) say get what you love. Think of your personal style instead of what is “trendy” and you will gather and wear items that you always use because they suit you. Decide to “rock it” and make it your own. The quality of materials and construction of vintage items is often superior and you can wear and repair them for years and years.