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June 6, 2023 at 4:33 am #1120678

You think she got fired for playing favorites with you? I don’t know… it’s very difficult to fire someone, particularly when they’ve been there 30 years. It’s weird that HR or your boss’s boss never spoke with you, if they indeed had a problem with her behavior toward you. There was likely more going on. Either she committed a serious fireable offense, or she had a pattern of behavior she’d been warned about.

What would be your reasons for reaching out to her? I don’t think you should, since she made you really uncomfortable, and now you’d be opening a door for her to get even more problematic with you. I really really don’t think that’s a good idea. Just move on and find another job.

If you felt compelled, I suppose you could reach out with empathy and say you heard about her recent termination and express sympathy for the situation. Let her know that you understand it must be a challenging time for her. Be honest about your feelings: Share your own experience of feeling uncomfortable with the attention she was giving you at work. Be careful not to accuse or blame her, but simply explain how the situation made you feel uneasy and impacted your work experience. Let her know that you are there to lend an ear or provide support if she needs someone to talk to during this transition period. It’s important to be genuine in your offer and only extend it if you are truly willing to follow through.
Make it clear that you are no longer working at the company and have chosen to move on. Reinforce that your intention in reaching out is to offer support, rather than rehashing the past or engaging in gossip.

But seriously I don’t think you should.