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June 6, 2023 at 11:30 am #1121680

I agree that immediate therapy is preferable, but she has said that she isn’t able to afford or obtain it. I see two benefits to going ahead with a simple marriage ceremony. First, it is a step forward in confronting her issues as removes a major issue which she is obsessing over (can’t marry until she has friends to invite). Secondly, marriage will probably allow her to afford therapy sooner, with the $ saved through combining households. Her spouse may even have access to affordable family insurance through their employer. The $ savings go out the window if she is going to insist upon a larger wedding. Spouse can’t be fully responsible for her insecurities, but they can take the lead on their social life as a couple. This may be enough to put a break on what seems a toxic interaction between OP, the friends she tries to make through activities, and her sister. Some increased distance from sister is likely a positive.