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June 6, 2023 at 1:40 pm #1121716

Hi, Let me state the obvious. It appears that this arrangement, relationship, is not working for either of you. Firstly why would YOU stay with someone that:
#1 You need To “nag” to have him follow thru on plans and then it still does not happen.
#2 Is uncertain if/how/when the relationship is going to progress.
#3 Can’t listen to, handle, discuss any emotions you have that make him uncomfortable.
# 4 The doing, compromising, “fixing things work”, seems to all be on your side.
#5 His habits, especially with finances and money are likely not going to change unless he follows through on a plan you sit down and make together and not just at your behest.
#5 He pouts and gets mad and cancels things and act immature and gives the silent treatment…

This is not working for him either as evidenced by his behavior and procrastination. (See the list above )
This relationship appears to either have run it’s course or you two just have different life goals and desires. Unless he would be willing to see a counsellor with you, which I bet he won’t, I don’t see much point in staying together.