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June 6, 2023 at 3:16 pm #1122728

I only have to wear the retainer at night! But yes, I know that part will be for life. My sister did one of the alternative brands to Invisalign to close the gap between her two front teeth, but then didn’t wear her retainers. So the gap is back! Won’t be making her mistake. I got used to having those trays in, but what a pain to have to slip them in and out at work or when I’m around people. My jaws no longer pop out of place, so well worth the hassle and a relatively short treatment all things considered.

I have a Lo & Sons backpack. It was gifted to me for Christmas from my mom and sister. I have this one: I wish it was bigger, but it fits my work laptop (a MacBook Pro) perfectly in the back compartment. I can also squeeze in my notebook, a change of clothes for the gym, and lunch. It’s a tight squeeze, though. Before using a backpack, I was a tote or shoulder bag person, but I commute by foot and it hurt my back.