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June 7, 2023 at 8:08 am #1122745

There are barriers to mental health treatment, but it seems many people who say they cannot afford therapy have not reached out to a single practitioner to get more information about actual costs. I had no idea sliding scale fees existed until I started trying to find my own therapist. My copay with insurance is about $20 less than what I paid on a sliding scale. So maybe I’m just projecting knowing I had false assumptions about costs at one point, but I do think it’s worth LW’s while to do research.

Even if LW’s fiance takes the lead on their social life as a couple, he won’t be able to control the outcome no matter how many double dates he plans. Finding opportunities to be social doesn’t seem to be LW’s problem; forming and maintaining genuine connections is her problem. And it’s something she’s been actively avoiding/pushing away for 15+ years stemming from deep insecurities that everyone around her is better than her.