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June 8, 2023 at 1:12 pm #1122776

I sweat no matter what in the summer. Sometimes when I’m on the el specifically (buses are fine, but I don’t take them as much anymore), it can get so crowded on hot summer days that I can feel the sweat dripping down my back even when my bag is off my shoulder or back.

Quick rant: I’m currently at a conference. My company hosts two every year. Well, the department that’s tasked with putting this whole thing on is the department that has had 100% turnover as of last year. So it’s a new group in charge. This is probably my ninth time working/attending the conference, and it’s a cluster so far. Key details haven’t been communicated, staffing assignments don’t make sense (I’m STILL doing stuff that’s not my job even though the responsible department is now fully staffed and has been for a few months). I was on the fence about staying at the hotel, which is an option to us, when I live in the same city, but when I saw I was scheduled to be here early tomorrow AND Saturday for meetings that have nothing to do with me… I said yep, I’ll take a room and some free meals, I don’t want to be on the el by 6:30.