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June 10, 2023 at 11:20 am #1123071

@ejor344 Hi! I love when lurkers chime in. I like that the Dakota backpack comes in a few sizes.

Follow-up rant: I got home from my conference this morning. I should’ve been able to leave yesterday afternoon at 2 the way things shook out. I only stayed the final night because I was on the schedule early this a.m. Well, I get downstairs first and everything the room the day starts in was locked. I was early, so that’s fine. I went and grabbed a coffee. By the time I got back — still early — someone else had already taken over what I was assigned to do because she felt like it should’ve been her job and wanted to do it. Which in theory yes, but we had assignments. I hope there is a postmortem scheduled. I have so much feedback. I’m also debating if I talk to my boss about my growing discomfort around how much I’m still supporting this other department this week or if I wait for my review in a few weeks. I’m frustrated.