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June 14, 2023 at 10:18 am #1123119

This is just a little update. In fact I’m just coming out of a tough month. I realized my financial situation was worse than I thought when someone on this thread said it was “alarming”. So thank you for that.
I put all my unpaid bills on the table and started to calculate a budget to get into financial sanity. I asked my sisters and her husbands help. He works as financial analyst so he analyzed everything, income/outcome, unpaids etc… We established a plan/buget on one year to get it all good and to pay my debts. My sister will help me by checking on me each month when time comes to pay the bills, I asked he to do that until I get 100% comfortable to do it myself.
See, you said that only my therapist could help me, but its not true because she never pronounced the word Alarming that gave me the declic. I’m glad I posted on this forum, and started to took my life under control again. I’m not done yet, but I’m feeling way better… Hope you are all good!!