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June 25, 2023 at 9:29 am #1123446

I’m creeping up on the end of the Ireland portion of my trip. I’ve had a great time! My friend’s wedding was SO much fun. I’ve loved being able to experience new wedding traditions. There were a couple that I found funny, like they sit on the floor in a line to do a “dance” to the song Rock the Boat. (I’ve never seen the show Derry Girls, but I guess this happens on the show and it’s a real thing. Should the show also show men rolling up their pant legs and tying their ties around their heads at weddings, that is also a real thing.) It made me LOL. But my favorite was that the night ends with everyone singing together. We left and 3 a.m. and the party kept going for a couple more hours.

The solo-ish portion of my trip begins tomorrow. Curious how that will be! I have my own hotel room tonight and after a handful of days of nonstop companionship/getting around in a duo or small groups, I am happy to have some time and space to myself. A little nervous TBH!

re: hospital procedure costs. I had an endoscopy maybe two months ago. Even with insurance, the cost was still stupid expensive. Our reimbursement plan that works in conjunction with our insurance plan covered most but not all of that cost. And it was frustrating because I was able to get a diagnosis for an issue that has been ongoing/worsening for years, but there’s no real treatment offered outside of medication. So the diagnosis almost feels irrelevant and like I paid NWM to tell me, “This is what’s wrong with you… good luck with that!”

Hope you’re improving! I’ve had a few surgeries and every last one has freaked me out. The head surgeon is who I’d want working on me!!