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June 25, 2023 at 10:41 am #1123448

OMG, guys. One friendship ended for other reasons, but right around the time is when I had just gotten a medical bill that was like, $6,000 and a friend of mine without insurance paid like, $100-300 For similar things and a stay in the ER. My husband and I had a meltdown about it. Like how much we pay, how much we’ve paid over the years…and she doesn’t legally have insurance and she gets teeny bills. It shouldn’t work that way. We have been really struggling the last three years with my medical shit financially and that was hard to hear. That’s not why the friendship ended, though. Although it’s indications of the type of person.

My appointment was great. I got street parking right outside the hospital in downtown Philly, unbelievable. I was early and they were ready for me, again very unusual. The surgeon came in with his team and he was like, it has to come out, which I knew. So I didn’t really ask any questions which was very silly, but I don’t really want to know. I didn’t ask the important questions either, like how long will the surgery take, how long will recovery be? Usually they are benign. In olden days, I’d want to see it…but now I have a major ick thing with blood and i believe that I would faint. It is a strange life. I used to make horror films in college. Now I can’t look at blood.

I’m excited for it to be gone from me.

And yes, I did indeed tell him it’s my moneymaker (ha ha, Leslie!) and he better treat me good. I don’t want to be dribbling my ice cream, smoothies, and soups forever.