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June 26, 2023 at 6:57 am #1123457

Agree 100% – not disrespectful. Now, I get that sometimes someone answers the phone while doing stuff they can be distracted. But this sounds like he called to check on you – so you and your emotions should have been the focus of this discussion. Instead, he wanted your full attention while checking on you? How does it make any sense that checking on your well being requires your complete attention to him? Weren’t you the person who dealt with something scary? Why are his emotions even an issue here?

Does he do this regularly, refocus any attention on you back on to him? If you have a good day, does he sulk? If you have a bad day, does he have it worse? Or like this, you were feeling fragile but you end up apologizing to him because you didn’t prioritize him. I’d ask yourself if this is a pattern and if so, is this a dealbreaker.