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June 27, 2023 at 2:46 pm #1123485

I hope the surgery goes well Anon!

My dog recently had to have a cyst removed (the vet was unsure about exactly what it was). it was growing really rapidly so had it removed and tested. Thankfully benign. But it was around $1000! I know that’s vet services and not really comparable but it was still expensive!

My husband had shoulder surgery in February and we are still paying on it. His insurance went to deductible only with a FSA that carries over but since it’s the first year we didn’t have any savings built up. Sigh…I don’t really worry about medical bills as much as I used to. I just pay what I can monthly and that’s that.

Having Crohn’s disease…I can’t be without a job because I need the health insurance to cover the infusions. And since the insurance I have now has so far paid nearly all of it I’m also afraid to change jobs (I like my job so not looking to change right now). Husband and I were maybe thinking of trying some different life things but needing an expensive medication really puts a damper on taking risks!