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June 30, 2023 at 5:50 am #1123527

@peggy – I’m glad you found your peace.

Years ago, my boss came into work sick (like he wanted us to do – just work through it); he realized this was a very bad idea and decided to go home early. And then he passed out in the lobby of our office building. So I got the fun task of going to the hospital (I got to ride in the ambulance!), calling his wife, and most importantly, taking his wallet and filling out all of the fucking forms with the administrator since he was out of it. That was the most important thing that had to be done because they couldn’t possibly treat him until they knew how good his insurance was (we had absolutely golden insurance with that company too).

I work in a peripheral industry and I’m fed up tbh. I just don’t understand why we make this harder on ourselves.