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July 1, 2023 at 6:00 am #1123541

I’ve never heard that you shouldn’t wear black to a wedding! I’ve seen it many times. I’ve done it before. Especially if it means wearing something you already have in your closet vs. buying something new.

I’ve been doing Nuuly and both weddings I went to in June were formal. I wore the same rented dress twice. I loved it! It was supposed to be midi length, but on me, it was a maxi dress. I debated buying it so that I could alter the straps instead of pinning them, but decided against it. I don’t have a single wedding on the horizon after last weekend.

Semi-speaking of weddings, my company has been talking about getting us all new professional headshots. Our HQ office did it, but my office hasn’t yet. Well, maybe two weekends ago, we were at a wedding and my hair looked amazing. I used Canva AI to turn a group photo from that wedding into a professional headshot for free. It’s not perfect — I’d still like a professional one — but it’s pretty good and the technology is so cool IMO.