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July 6, 2023 at 6:07 pm #1123558

Shit hit the fan a bit around our place yesterday. My husband has been a bit cagey of late but I didn’t really register why until he finally started talking last night. He had a really thorough physical through work and his cholesterol is super high, his blood pressure is through the roof, they’re worried he has diabetes and his mental health is an absolute disaster. The doctor wasn’t going to let him leave his office until he was signed off on immediate stress leave.

I knew his anxiety was getting worse but I didn’t know how much worse until he said that. He has a big work trip he has to go on next week for a month and he’s adamant on going, I just hope he can handle it until he gets back. I’ll ensure he gets put on leave the second he returns I know that much. It’s all paid so that’s not a concern but jesus, the man is a ticking time bomb. He desperately needs a new job, that much is obvious, I just hope now he’s getting mental health care that he can take some leave and sort himself out a bit before he goes for it.

I’m trying not to worry about our future income prospects as that feels pretty mercenary but we also can’t afford for him to go for a job that doesn’t pay relative to what he’s making now, and those income levels all come with stress. It’s all a bit bleak atm.