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July 8, 2023 at 6:53 am #1123571

Ange, You know I love meds- but lexapro is (from my understanding) a pretty tried and true anti-anxiety/antidepressant and instead of making you feel numb or tired, or not yourself, you just kind of have less intense reactions to things that would have stressed you out. It kind enables me to take a breath and think instead of immediately going to emergency mode.

I thought I was managing everything pretty well but I just saw a new psych and she pointed out a few times where my meds were not working. So she upped my lexapro, I’m no longer on Xanax (win!) and things seem to be going well. It’s been about 4 weeks.

I’m not doctor, but I can feel your stress. Hugs. It can feel so hard when you want to help someone, but you can only do so much. ❤️