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July 11, 2023 at 9:44 am #1123636

Love the new look of the site. Still getting used to it.

I’m post-op healing. I have never had a surgery and I guess they are not so bad. I am very squeamish about blood and cannot watch surgical shows, etc. The first few days were kind of weird with a drain and all. I got that out yesterday.

I’m mourning my face. It sounds so vain, and it is, but I didn’t consider that I’d look different. It will take some time, but the nerve on the left side of my face was very involved with the cyst, so I am a little droopy. It’s hard to eat. It should be fine and feeling should come back soon and is already, but damn. The dr asked me to show him my bottom teeth yesterday and it was funny. I’m like Pop eye.