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July 14, 2023 at 4:19 am #1123740

Another interpretation is that he’s become involved with someone else and can’t afford to have anyone FaceTiming or calling him. So ok, my HS bf joined the Air Force and was in Texas for basic and tech school. He was in dorms. At that time, he could have been dating other girls for all I knew, right? He could have gotten involved with a college student closer to him. But meanwhile he proposed to me and when he got stationed in Italy I was going to join him. Once we married, he could get off-base apartment housing. It could totally be something like this where the guy was cheating on a back-home gf or wife who’ll be joining him overseas. To my knowledge my ex was not doing anything like this, I’m just saying it tracks. Ron’s got the best possible interpretation that the guy was trying to be kind, but people who break up abruptly and say do not ever contact me are often trying to compartmentalize with another relationship.