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July 14, 2023 at 9:41 pm #1123794

Agreed that the reasons don’t matter. (Every scenario outlined here is plausible, but it may be as simple as him being young and too emotionally immature to execute a better breakup than this.) Not to mention, I can recall a couple times after a breakup where someone well intentioned tried to tell me what they think may have happened and all it did was make me feel worse! I eventually learned that even when I was hurt, it didn’t matter why someone didn’t want to date me. What mattered was that they didn’t want to date me.

I think all you can do is offer support while she goes through it. Lend a listening ear. Encourage her to go out with friends and stay active. If you live nearby, doing an activity she enjoys together would be a nice distraction. Help her get excited for her next semester at college and her future after.

We all get through our devastating breakups, so she will be okay!