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July 16, 2023 at 2:49 pm #1123813

I haven’t tried Typology yet! I’d been using Supergoop Glow Screen with Saie Slip Tint for maybe two years or so, but I’ve been noticing as the weather gets hotter that Supergoop runs into my eyes when I sweat, and it stings. So instead of repurchasing Glow Screen when I ran out, I most recently purchased Alastin’s tinted sunscreen, which is my dermatologist’s recommended tinted sun protection. It’s a mineral sunscreen (Supergoop is chemical), which I guess means it shouldn’t irritate my eyes and protects against blue light as well. It’s a really nice product that replaces both the sunscreen and tinted moisturizer, though doesn’t have the same glowy finish I’ve gotten used to. My one complaint is that I already know it won’t be a good color match for my pale winter skin.

I’ve brought up some messed up situations from my teens and 20s in therapy over the past couple years, where I’ll feel deeply sad about behavior from family or partners that I endured or sometimes simply accepted when I didn’t have to. And I’ll also be incredulous because 30-something Copa would NEVERRR. My therapist said she sees a lot of women in their 30s come to this point. I think the situations that impact us deeply usually take years to makes sense of. I recently listened to the book What Happened to You? on audiobook, and found it pretty interesting — it’s a not-overly-clinical book about the effects of childhood trauma on the brain, and looking at others through the lens of what happened to them vs. wtf is wrong with you.

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