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July 18, 2023 at 9:49 am #1123853

I mean… even if the consensus was that he wasn’t out of line, would that make you feel better? No. You don’t need to crowdsource opinions to validate your feelings when reasonable boundaries have been crossed… I’d not be comfortable with plenty of this and suspect many others wouldn’t be, either. I’m with @Ange that if there were a clear point to stop interacting with her, it was after she tried to kiss him.

It’s not great that you went through his phone. And yeah, it’d be helpful to know — what happened after you told him you texted her?

You refer to him as your partner. Are you married? Dating? Do you want to be in/stay in this relationship? Even aside from this woman, the offhand comparative remark about him never taking *you* out for nice dinners makes me think there are other issues here.