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July 19, 2023 at 9:54 am #1123880

I LOVED The Great Believers. It, too, is set in Chicago and I liked all the local references. I’m usually more of a nonfiction fan, particularly memoirs, but The Great Believers had me in tears. If you liked that one, you’d probably also like The Heart’s Invisible Furies. Different, but similar flavor. Not as good, IMO, but still a worthwhile read.

I listened to Spare on audiobook out of curiosity recently. I’m not into the royals, so surely not the target audience, but it was available on Libby and I was curious enough. I thought it was so boring! When he finally touches on whether the monarchy should continue, he lands on “IDK.” Like, sir. Unraveling your likely-complex thoughts on the subject would’ve been more interesting than the two short chapters dedicated to your frostbitten royal “todger.”

OMG the yelling in the first season of The Bear. I fall asleep just about every time we try to watch a show together, and The Bear is no exception. The yelling kept disturbing my couch snoozes.