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July 19, 2023 at 2:32 pm #1123885

I’m being a massive Debbie Downer so I do apologise. My husband has been downgraded from extreme risk of self harm to low which is yay?! But also knowing him I’m suspicious he’s not being totally honest with his doctors. Every time he sees them I have to remind him to advocate for himself and be honest, don’t tell them what you think anyone else wants to hear and it’s like I have to almost force him to agree.

Today he has to go into his work to see another doc. He had a couple of minor outbursts yesterday and his whole mood got progressively worse as it got later, to the point he didn’t sleep all night. Even going there for appointments sends him into that much of a spiral. I told him to tell this to the doctor and try to get extended time off so he can avoid it but he was cagey, the bugger.

Sorry again for the vent, I’m respecting his privacy IRL which is good for him but kind of sucks for me. Everyone keeps asking him how I’m going but that’s it. So here I am at 530am on a Thursday lol.