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July 21, 2023 at 11:08 am #1123899

Please report back on Barbie! I’m going to see it next weekend with some gal pals. I listen to the podcast The Daily most mornings while I walk the dog, and today’s episode was about the history and controversy of Barbie, Mattel’s attempts to give Barbie makeovers over the years, and how Greta Gerwig came to be the film’s director. One thing the podcast pointed out was that as problematic as Barbie can be, it was also the first doll to exist where girls could play roles that weren’t just as a mom to a baby doll — Barbie even made it to space before Neil Armstrong went to the moon. Anyway, I thought the episode was interesting and I’m looking forward to the movie. The bf offered to go with me, but I’m excited to go with friends. I’d also like to see Past Lives, so hopefully he and I can go to that one soon.