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July 25, 2023 at 11:40 am #1123961

I’m sure I’ll find out on Sunday, but is Kate McKinnon’s character supposed to be a Barbie who got a haircut and makeover by a child? LOL. I never had a Dream House, but I did have a foldout case that I think was meant to be a Barbie dance studio? I was beyond jealous of my sister’s turquoise and pink convertible. I don’t think my mom loved us playing with Barbie. She tried pretty hard to make sure we had not just “girl toys,” but we still had plenty of Barbie dolls, one Ken doll, a Skipper doll, and some fun accessories.

My group of gal pals going to see it has grown to a group of eight and we pulled the trigger on our tickets last night… the theater was already about half booked for the show we are going to. I’m the organizer of this outing so I encouraged any themed outfits or accessories in the group text.

I took half of the morning off to go to a dr. appt and the SOS office, and just came back to a shitstorm at the office. Ugh.