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August 1, 2023 at 11:22 am #1124117

That’s exciting, @Anonymousse. Hope it works out!

What you wrote about wanting flexibility reminded me of a former teacher I follow on TikTok. She left the classroom in her early 30s to go work at her local Costco and has documented some of that transition on TikTok, down to the grief of walking away from her passion but wanting a certain lifestyle she couldn’t seem to achieve as a full-time educator in a red state.

I’m truly curious what work norms will look like down the road. Younger folks seem to be accepting burnout and soul-crushing jobs with zero flexibility less and less. I’ve seen online that more and more companies are trying to get workers to come back to the office full-time (this has not happened to me or even anyone I know IRL) and those same companies are also having a hard time filling open roles. Like, what did they expect?