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August 1, 2023 at 12:55 pm #1124120

@copa, not sure if you read Eater, but they tracked and mapped all the restaurants in The Bear. The only one I haven’t been to and desperately want to check out is Kasama. It’s so close to our house, not sure why I haven’t. I’m on the waitlist for reservations.

I don’t think our company can actually make people come back full time. For instance, someone on my team is in the middle of nowhere Arkansas so even before Covid, worked from home full time. During Covid, I hired someone more local, but it’d still be an hour and a half commute for her, both ways. So I don’t know how I can have one person on my team who can is WFH and then ask another to come in. This is company-wide. PLUS, here, our lease is up next year. We currently have two floors. One floor is full most of the time now. The other is about half empty. We don’t have adequate meeting room spaces, so that’s a must for a new place. Rumor has it they want to go to one floor and we’re going to be full on hoteling. Leadership is saying they want people in the office more, yet they’re making strides to cut real estate. Those are two opposing viewpoints, IMO. It’s weird.

One of the big reasons I don’t look for a new job is because I’m at the point in my career where I have a lot of flexibility. I’m afraid if I switch companies just to be compensated a little higher, I’d have to take the time to prove myself to be able to be more flexible. I guess it’d have to get pretty bad at my job for me to make a switch. I do have about a half dozen companies I can call if I ever need to leave, so that’s a little reassuring at least.