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August 1, 2023 at 1:13 pm #1124123

@ktfran – I’m in the same boat, maybe I could get a bit more money if I went somewhere else, but I’d have to do so much more work! I get away with a lot of nonsense because I will deliver and I partner well internally and externally. Plus my company has a retirement program where I can pay them to stay on the health insurance until medicare kicks in. I get golden tier health for very little money but you have to be a certain age and with the company for x years so if I leave…. that benefit goes with it and I’d have to work longer.

A lot of my clients are asking their folks to come back to the office, but saved so much having all of the consultants work remotely that I don’t know if they’ll ever ask us to regularly be onsite again. My typical pre-covid travel costs were roughly $5K a month between flights, cars, hotels and expenses.