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August 7, 2023 at 6:05 am #1124262

@MissMJ – valid point. For the most rabid, they’ve said that they don’t give a flying fuck if he commits any crime, they’d still support him – which is why I think Republicans realize they created a monster. However, I’m reading that support is slowly chipping away but often it seems like it’s coming from people who already got what they wanted from this relationship (Evangelicals), people who realize they got taken (buyer of Trump-bucks anyone?, and people who have nothing left to lose (Cheney, Walsh, now maybe the wishy-washiest VP Pence).

It’s obvious that Smith is playing the long game here – I’m curious to see who from the co-conspirator’s list is the first to turn. I’m hoping that he goes after any congress person who was part of this plot… looking at you Cruz.