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August 8, 2023 at 6:32 pm #1124530

I’m so sorry… The big problem here is that she’s got one foot out the door already and isn’t working with you at all. She’s said she wants to leave and explore other relationships. She is done. It would be different if she came to you as a partner and said look, I am feeling terribly unhappy, and I want to figure out how to fix it so we can move forward and be together and both be happy. And if you talked together and figured out the problems, or maybe with a therapist, right, or maybe she does therapy on her own, and you work on solutions together, like these are the things we’re going to do to fix this.

But that’s not the situation. You’re doing everything you can think of right now to try and fix what’s wrong, but you don’t really even know what’s wrong and you can’t fix it on your own. There’s not real communication going on here. I would recommend you go see a therapist on your own and figure out strategies to move through this next phase. You need to start communicating effectively and probably let her go. And figure out a way to co-parent effectively.

Again, I’m really sorry, but when a woman gets to this point, she’s done. It doesn’t sound like anything you did wrong, she just needs to figure her shit out. The way she’s handling this is bad.