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August 14, 2023 at 9:33 am #1124735

My boyfriend’s parents were young parents/grandparents. They were HS sweethearts and married at 18, started having kids at 19. His mom said they were so young that everyone assumed they got married because she was pregnant. Then his sister also married younger (24) and had kids not long after. His parents would’ve been in their 40s when they became first-time grandparents. I know things have changed but I can tell my boyfriend’s mom thinks it’s WILD that my parents were in their 30s having kids in the mid/late 80s.

Earlier this year, we hired someone at work who drives me nuts. I recently found out she’s 24. We’ve had to go down to our HQ for off-site training a few times this year. The first time we went, they reminded us of the business casual dress code multiple times. On our travel day, we were heading straight to our HQ offices for the afternoon, and she wore yoga pants (“flare leggings”) and a hoodie, both of which were covered in pet hair. She wore the exact same thing the next day to our training. And at the staff social the first night, she was surprised to learn ordering a drink-drink is okay, then had like four mimosas on an empty stomach (she said she was “scared” to go to the buffet and I offered to go up with her). So I’m pretty sure she ended up drunk cause at one point she was holding a piece of broccoli in her hand that she’d grabbed from the buffet and was laughing? It was weird. The second time we went for off-site training was maybe a week or so after Fourth of July, and she was telling everyone how lit she got on the Fourth. But she at least wore business casual attire the second time… I think her supervisor must’ve said something. I know our executive director, he cares how we present ourselves, and there’s no way he didn’t say something to someone re: attire. I know I made some mistakes when I was newer in office settings, but I find her grating.