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August 14, 2023 at 2:13 pm #1124787

I’m not yet old enough to be the age of my coworkers’ parents, but old enough to notice when someone is still learning work norms and age/generational differences in the office.

The same work trip where my coworker wore her yoga clothes, a different coworker (recently promoted from behind-the-scenes admin work to an outward-facing role, but has been with us for something like 15 years… I think she’s in her 40s if not 50s) chose to wear a t-shirt that read “QUEEN: Only a queen can attract a king” on our travel day. For both women, I’d have noticed their attire but maybe not thought much of it if we’d been going straight to the hotel on arrival, but we went straight to our HQ. Even with strictly social events that are casual, I still put some thought into what I’m wearing and will try to opt into something more elevated. Our official dress code is business casual at a minimum, but particularly at the director level (at the highest level, this is all men still), the expectation is shirt and tie for day-to-day. I try to take note of what our one woman mid-level director wears whenever I see her in person. She’s in her 50s and always looks great.

On which note, I’m in the market for a new blazer or two if anyone has any recs.