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August 14, 2023 at 9:47 pm #1124805

@copa, Girls of a Certain Age did a blazer post today. She’s a former Lucky editor in chief. She might run a bit older, but I like some of her stuff.

Wendy, the only thing I sort of miss is the “most recent post” on the right hand side of the old blog. I liked that it was for the forum too. I’ve adjusted though and am fine. Congrats on the uptick!!! And I still like the new layout.

My dad was 50 and my mom, 48, when the niece was born. I have young parents who ended up being young grandparents. I hope the same doesn’t happen for my sister. The husband also has young parents. The six of us are actually vacationing together next year. I love that they all get along really well, especially since the husband is an only. We never have to make hard holiday decisions or anything.