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August 15, 2023 at 12:13 pm #1124833

That’s really cool there’s more traffic Wendy! I sign on with my phone. When I hit login at the top it takes me to the registration page before I hit the login button again. I know some sites do this but it’s a little counterintuitive!

I started wearing sleeveless tops (shells) around the office. If I’m not seeing clients I sometimes wear jeans. It is strange that someone interpreted business casual as yoga pants!

My big conundrum is what to wear to networking picnics per se. Like you don’t want to be overdressed but also not wear short shorts? Idk.

My cousin’s kid is 17 and her IG scares me even though I know we (well my friends) took those kind of pictures in high school! And I don’t really know how I would want to guide a hypothetical daughter with dressing in terms of not slut shaming but still being “appropriate”?

Tonight’s my last chance to try and get Taylor Swift tickets. Send good vibes please!!