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August 16, 2023 at 9:42 am #1124865

BM – what Wendy and Lis said. Be your friendly self! I think an honest “I’m not dating right now, but would like to hang out sometime” or whatever feels comfortable for you to say is fine. Some people will be receptive. Some won’t. That’s not on you, at all. Good luck!! Your deserve some joy in your life and I hope you’re finding it.

We joke with my sister, the one w/ the 18 yr old, that she could totally have a “second family” if she wanted. She’s only 37. Or she could be a grandma, but I’m 100% certain the niece isn’t interested in early motherhood. I guess I could have a first family. But between my being on the Mirena and the husband finally getting a vasectomy last summer, I’m positive that won’t happen.