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Part-time Lurker
August 17, 2023 at 8:27 am #1124910

As someone who still owns a slip and a pair of pantyhose, I’m not gonna lie, I sometimes judge the super short skirts I see, but then I remind myself that most of today’s younger women aren’t doing anything our mother’s didn’t do. Remember the micro-mini, tube tops, and J Lo skirts? LOL We may not have been wearing our club clothes to work, but some of us still wore some pretty revealing clothes from time to time. I think younger women feel less pressure to conform to some of the more conservative view points about women’s attire, and transitioning from the less demanding environs of a college or high school campus to a professional office can be hard. A tiny part of me is happy for them though because those super short skirts in offices are a tiny sign that things are changing for women. Yes, they’re still kind of shooting themselves in the foot but maybe when my granddaughter is ready to enter the workforce she’ll have one less hurdle. I’m not saying professionalism isn’t important (perception is definitely everything) but maybe in another 15 years women will be able to be on a more equal footing with men when it comes to expectations about their attire, hair, and make-up.

– being self-aware and honest is a good thing.

The new site looks great Wendy. Congratulations on the uptick in readers and your renewed enthusiasm!