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August 17, 2023 at 9:17 am #1124911

@hfantods She was here in early June and I happened to have a work conference the week after. I heard quite a few men say that they went with their daughters not expecting much but they ended up having a blast and thought it was a great show. I actually asked a good friend who lives in your general area if she’d want to go together if I flew in, but she’s going to Hong Kong for several months for work.

I will also say, re: work dress codes, that I have some friends who feel like even appropriate office wear can look va-va-voom on them because of their shape.

Also, I can still remember some of the comments my dad made on what my sister or I wore as teens and feel like what he had to say was more inappropriate than anything we ever wore. (He thought tank tops were inappropriate…) Meanwhile my family moved a lot and I was always a little desperate to fit in somewhere new, and that included wanting to dress like my peers.