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August 29, 2023 at 3:37 pm #1125108

So many different stages of life at 40! I would say I started noticing it around 37-38. A lot of the people I knew from the small town I grew up in have kids that are teenagers; but I would say an almost equal amount have very young kids or just had babies. Similarly, many of the people my age who I met as coworkers or friends have kids ages 5 and younger. My best friend from college is also childfree, but after years of being single, her twin sister met her now-husband at 35 and had her first baby at 39. He’s now 9 months old. They’ll try for their second within the next year, I think.

I have never been super bothered about having human kids, but getting so sick in the last year has confirmed that I can’t. My heart and lungs won’t sustain carrying a baby. I’m currently trying to just get my mind around that; it’s no longer “maybe someday” but “definitely no.”

Never thought I would be still single at 40, so that is hard, but I have zero emotional or physical bandwidth to date right now and I’d probably be a really crappy wife because I’m just trying to get better…so maybe it’s for the best.

Anyway, sorry, that got grim.

I’m so excited for soup season even though I absolutely hate cold weather. I’m going to make a ton of soups! I’m on a low sodium diet so I have to make them myself. Copa, that roasted red pepper soup sounds amazing!