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August 30, 2023 at 12:53 am #1125114

Thanks so much for asking, Copa! I really appreciate it. The last 2 years have been really hard and kind of a blur. Thankfully my heart is doing better and I’m no longer in right-sided heart failure. Now, it’s the long process of getting my body back to where it used to be. I spent all of last year and honestly a lot of this year sleeping or in bed when I wasn’t working, and I’ve become so de-conditioned and have gained a ton of weight. I now feel awful because of it not just mentally but physically. So, going to try to find some solutions with my doctors and I’m getting back into exercising – what I can! I went swimming for an hour today. 🙂

When I walk around the mall or the grocery store, I have to either use a walker (oh so fun) or a cart to help. Walking around the mall with oxygen and a walker at 40 (and I’m 4’10” so I’m sure I look younger) gets me a ton of stares. Over Christmas, an 80-something year old man jumped up to give me his seat at Starbucks because the place was packed. Even more ironically, the walker has a seat on it. Lol. That was…humbling.

Yeah, it’s weird because it’s basically a certainty now rather than a “probably not” or even “eh” that I can’t have kids. I guess a part of me always thought maybe it might happen, but as I have continued to be single at 40 it’s much less likely anyway, even apart from my health problems. Ironically, the parts of my body that are actually used to make a baby work totally fine! Zero problems! But the parts trying to keep ME alive, well, struggle.

I did go to the Mayo Clinic last year for a consult and I got to go to the Mall of America and see Minnesota, so that was…kinda fun? It was cool to see the midwest; I’ve never been there! We flew through Midway airport. I’d love to go back and see Chicago properly someday. Chicago PD is my favorite show!