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September 10, 2023 at 12:27 pm #1125354

Uh, yeah, so I don’t really follow celebrity gossip or anything, so I didn’t/don’t know much about Ashton Kutcher. But omg some of what I’ve read in the past few days. Like that his letter as a character witness for Danny Masterson saying that Danny is the reason he’s not addicted to drugs… but per Demi Moore, he questioned if alcoholism and addiction are even a “thing” and encouraged her (a recovering alcoholic) to try drinking in moderation during their marriage. (Which she did try, and it spiraled.) And I guess he also came to Joe Paterno’s defense when he was fired for covering up the child sexual abuse scandal at PSU years ago. Dude sucks. I also saw that he and Mila Kunis are now publicly apologizing.

Re: the anger we feel toward people who wronged us in less extreme ways a long time ago, when I think about how I still occasionally get angry or upset about the pain some men inflicted on me when I was younger — some of which still comes up in therapy yearrrrs later — 30 years in prison as punishment for a serial rapist seems like NOTHING.