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September 14, 2023 at 7:22 am #1125415

I am pretty broke right now. My husband makes a great salary but my son had a bad arm fracture in the spring that required resetting and a really expensive bill. And then in June, I found a mass in my jaw, had to have immediate surgery, by the grace of god I am well, and it’s not cancerous. But the hospital bills!

Be grateful. I know his sounds a little snotty, but there’s always someone who seemingly has it all.

I’m sure people that don’t know that I had emergency surgery, think I’m super happy and have a lot. My kids and husband are beautiful and I’m so happy, that is true. But we’re broke. They don’t know(sometimes they do know) that we are drowning in medical debt, and I am estranged from most of my parents.

It’s okay to unfollow her. It’s for your mental health. If you’re judging her by social media, maybe you should delete the media. That not the truth, it’s like advertising.