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September 14, 2023 at 9:20 am #1125422

I think you know constantly changing schools is not the solution nor is it probably helping you get out of high school faster. You’re more likely to have education gaps switching around, too.

I was called a dyke at school and ostracized. I had cut my hair short in the late nineties. I love gay people, but I’m not a lesbian. The trick is figuring out how to care less about this social crap and focus on your schoolwork or actually addressing your social issues. You really need to speak to the school counselor, or an outside therapist. An antidepressant is often used for general social anxiety as well, and that might be something to ask your parents about. You need some social outlet. I can feel your loneliness but the irony is a ton of your peers probably feel the same way. Social media and behavior at school is often just showboating. Don’t sweat it so much, but don’t keep switching, you’ll be in school forever and your problems will only follow you.