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September 16, 2023 at 8:27 am #1125478

Yes to what other posters have said. You should neither pursue nor ignore her. She’s your colleague. Not to mention, just about every 28-year-old woman I know or have known would pass on a 22-year-old because of the life stage gap (not necessarily because of the age gap itself).

Mostly I’m chiming in to say that I was someone who moved by herself across city and state lines multiple times in my 20s for school and work. I know it can be overwhelming and sometimes quite lonely. It’s wonderful if you make friends through work, but you should also expand your social circle beyond the bounds of your employer. I made friends when I was new by reaching out to friends of friends or old acquaintances, using online tools like MeetUp to find social groups, volunteering, etc. Assuming you’re a college grad, your alumni association may also be a good place to look. Most dates I went on were through online dating sites, though I did meet some men through my network or while out living my life. Highly recommend you make an effort to build a life you enjoy outside of work so that you can focus on excelling at your job while on the clock.

Good luck!