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September 18, 2023 at 5:25 pm #1125541

The affair came out months ago, yes it was wrong and I felt guilty, but he did need to know. I couldn’t keep it going the way it was, and after a few days of confessing he decided he wanted to continue, and wanted to forgive me.

It’s been four months, and my anxiety and guilt is getting worst. I keep replaying it in my mind, not understanding how I hurt such a good man, and feeling guilty. I’ve been seeing a therapist ever since before I told him about the affair, and I continue to but it seems to be getting worse, to the point where I don’t want him to be involved because it shouldn’t be his problem to deal with this specific guilt. I can’t seem to understand how or why he would be willing to forgive me, because if I can’t how could he?

I want to work on myself in general, I want to feel deserved to be loved because he clearly loved me despite my flaws.