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September 27, 2023 at 9:34 am #1125681

That “facade” you speak of is probably a work persona. Lots of us have them.

Some offices don’t have fun or even good cultures. My last company was cliquey and at one point upper management had to change a bunch of cubicle assignments to separate two women because they were bullying people. You might not be the problem — I can’t tell — but agree that it’s time to accept that work is where you’ll earn a paycheck and not where you’ll find your new group of pals. Your coworkers aren’t obligated to want to know you. Like I said in my last response, making a genuine friend at work is a perk of going to work, not the reason people work. FWIW, at my first company, when I was mid-20s, I became very close to three coworkers who were about my age… it took longer way longer than three months to feel like friends.

You only mention work and dating apps as vehicles for meeting new friends. (And dating apps aren’t for finding friends.) What else are you doing? Where else are you looking?